Reunion with Reality





Humanity is deeply connected within itself and with nature. Our very existence is relational. In the Era of Separation, this connection was long ignored much to the detriment of humanity as a whole and its relationship to nature. In the Era of Union, this relationship will be rediscovered and it will no longer make sense to exploit each other or the planet. What we do to another we do to ourselves, literally. Systemic conflict among humans and between humans and nature can cease.


Indigenous Cultures


The First Peoples have long maintained communities within the framework of the natural environment. They saw themselves not separate from but as part of the environment.



Intentional Communities


Communities are rising founded around central ideas, tenants, beliefs or lifestyle choices that bring people together in a common purpose.




These are communities that strive to be ecologically, socially and economically sustainable, living within the bounds of the natural environment. This calls for an end to the modern growth-based, consumerism lifestyle that has developed with Western and modern culture.


Spiritual Communities


There are communities centered around particular spiritual practices which often run parallel to the goals and intentions of intentional communities and eco-villages.




This type of community may be less intentional than spiritual or eco-village communities, but nevertheless is modeled on the idea that shared resources and facilities reduce the cost of living to individuals and the environment.




Many young people recognize the unsustainability and undesirability of the modern, fragmented way of life that results from individual housing based on consumer culture. We leave it to them to express their alternatives.




We are a communion of subjects not a collection of objects. We are in communion with each other and with all life. Communion came before and exists at a more fundamental level that communication. Communication is with words, head to head, communion is energetic and vibrational in nature, at the level of frequency from on being to another.


Community of communities


As communities around the globe thrive, the connections between them could grow into relationships that parallel that of individuals within communities, so that community develops among communities. Communities live on the gift; gifting creates relationships and ongoing ties, money does the opposite. Communities share resources ideas, innovations, are open source; they operate on the premise that what benefits one benefits all, we all do better when we all do better.



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updated 9/24/2017