Reunion with Reality





Principled Nonviolence is what New Story looks like on the ground. It is a lifestyle based on the unity of life. It is an awareness that suffering and injustice anywhere are injustice and suffering everywhere; that when anyone suffers, we all suffer. The nonviolent act is one in which the actor takes on the suffering of another so that in the act of sharing, a common humanity is experienced by both parties.


Nonviolence in the Gandhian model offers a systematic approach to engagement with conflict, injustice, etc.: personal development leading to Constructive Program (building a new paradigm) which can then lead to Nonviolent Resistance (satyagraha or civil disobedience) when necessary.


Sharing inner resources


New Story is about finding balance between the external/material/physical world and the internal/spiritual/subtle world. The Old Story is out-of-balance, weighing too heavily on the former. In the New Story, human resources are accessed and fulfillment realized by experiencing the reality of our divine spark in the depths of our consciousness. This bolsters the individual’s desire and need to give to the whole, to share what resources and joy she or he has discovered. This experience helps the individual see the divine in others, connect with the divine in others, to see oneself in others, to see oneself in everything, to see the divine in everything. We see ourselves in others.


Being in the world


As much as our actions, our being in the world is our great contribution to the whole. Being and action are co-existent and complementary, not opposites or adversaries. Our gift to nature is our attention. We give our attention to a tree; the tree does not have the capacity to attend to itself in the same way. The tree is, we are and we are aware that we are, and we can choose give our attention. Our gift is attention.


Right policy


With access to inner resources, being and action in the world leads to politics and policy that serves the whole of humanity rather than one constituency or special interest. The benefit of the whole should always be held in the big picture, as individuals make up the whole and cannot thrive unless the whole thrives. Our interests are best served with the interests of the whole are served.


Climate change


Humanity must collectively accept the challenge posed by climate change. It can no longer be ignored. The use of fossil fuels must phase out quickly and the use of renewables phase in if we are to preserve our habitat. Life on Planet Earth will continue, but the health of our habitat on Earth and human survival and civilization as we know it are no longer givens. We must reconnect with Earth as our parent, find our proper role and relationship to her, and respect her gifts by consuming only what we need to thrive and no more.


New law


A legal system that moves beyond the current adversarial, retributive model to one seeks to reconcile those involved, restore relationships and make whole losses and injuries; such systems a value-based practice and restorative justice.


Also, a system that on the international and well as national levels, establishes Earth Law, and views as crime Ecocide: pollution, depletion, and the externalization of economic costs that are destroying nature, our only habitat.


New Story business models


The Old Story business model of shareholder-owned corporations and market driven economics is failing. Accumulation of wealth for its own sake is proving unfulfilling and disastrous for our environment. Alternatives are arising and will out-compete usual for-profit models, for example, employee-owned businesses, and service & employment based non-profit businesses; businesses that have mission statements that include service work or impact donation.


New funding models:  Cloud-funding; angel-funding


True cost accounting


Figuring the true cost of produced goods includes all the externalization of cost: cost to the environment for clean up; cost of health care for unhealthy environmental effects; cost of living wage or the impact that a lack thereof has on society, etc.


New Education


We will look back on this time and wonder how we could have been so far off. Our children are our future and should be our top priority. Some (more and more every day) are going around the US education model to give children what they want and need. Schools like Montessori, Waldorf and others, including home schooling, teach to the child, not to the system.


Holistic: Education that is all encompassing: body, mind and spirit giving a true picture of the world and human life.


Experiential: Teaching through hands- and minds-on experience rather than solely on book learning and academic models.


Finding passion: Teaching students to find their passion; excite their curiosity, teaching to their strengths and learning styles.


Communiversity: The Uncollege Movement; Non-academic learning or an education of Interbeing; non-institutional, bottom-up learning for life, not institutional careers.


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updated 9/24/2017