Reunion with Reality

The End of Separation:

The Unity of Life Regained

We are not going somewhere we have not been before. Indeed, there are some who have been there all this time. We are simply returning there as a collective in a unified awareness.


We are ending the era of separation: we are entering the era of reunion.


We know what the era of separation looks like. It is in part violent and rapacious, an era of insatiable desires and lonely dreams. Yet, there is another side. There is love, there is beauty, sacrifice, compassion and joy. It is an era of selfishness and selflessness, but one in which the former seems to more and more dominate the latter.


Who among us knows what the original era of union looked like? Perhaps there are a few whose inner vision, cultural context or spiritual awareness gives them experiential knowledge, but for most of us we can only speculate.


Perhaps it was a time of fewer thoughts and clearer vision. A time when people not only knew each other and identified with each other, but were, in some way mysterious to us, each other. A time when there was an awareness of the whole of life and a deep connection between the human and the divine, the latter being simply  truth.


I believe it was an era of unified consciousness: a constant awareness of the unity of life. Life, itself, I call an expression of the divine, as indeed, is all existence. And while I cannot imagine how all consciousness manifests itself in the phenomenal world, I do believe that it is concentrated more in that which is alive than it that which is not, and concentrated most in human beings.


Copyright 2017 James Phoenix

updated 9/24/2017