Reunion with Reality





Earth habitat is unique in the solar system, galaxy and universe as far as we know, although odds are there are similar platforms for life and consciousness. Even so, Earth’s biosphere is precious beyond measure and its preservation must be a top priority.


This ‘big picture’ perspective includes Big History: our place in evolution; finding our place and what we have to offer the whole.


Foundation of life

Nature is the source of life and the basis of its sustenance. What we do to nature we do to ourselves.


Source of sources & resources

Nature is the source of all material wealth and the support for life. As such it should be respected and cared for and regarded as ‘The Commons’, owned by all life and not subject to privatization.


Subtle world

There are subtle beings in our natural environment, which have influence in nature. They call on us for partnership and the opportunity to serve us. This subtle realm co-exists with the physical realm, and the two interact with each other. The subtle realm yearns for our attention and support.


Human role/relationship in next era

Humanity must reestablish its connection with Nature as the source of all life and resources and end its activities based on separation between humans and nature, especially the stance that human are superior to nature and therefore can dominate it. Exploitation is nothing short of robbing future generations of their means for living.



The planet is both stable and fragile. As a living system, Gaia maintains equanimity, but human activity is pushing to the limit the planet’s ability to sustain itself and us.



As living beings rely on nature for sustenance, methods of agriculture that are sustainable and holistic, that work with and within natural systems are necessary for future sustainability.



The processes of nature offer models for human behavior, especially for resource use.


Copyright 2017 James Phoenix

updated 9/24/2017