Reunion with Reality

New Story Summit,  Findhorn, 2014


Trying to describe the Findhorn community is like trying to describe the moon; one can only point in its direction. So, that's all I'll do here. Their website is is


I'd like to tease you with these two images. Above is the iconic Nature Sanctuary. It is a palpable expression of the reverence and harmony inherent in Findhorn's human relationship with nature.


To the right is another iconic image, the Original Caravan with which the founders began their journey in time on this cosmic, sacred piece of ground.


I encourage you to peer deeply into their ongoing legacy. They lead us into future.


I also invite you to have a gander at the notes my brother, Frank, and I generated after our experience at the New Story Summit. The summit gathering was both life-affirming and life-changing for us, as I expect it was for many participants. It was not perfect and in that sense it met my expectations. It was human, which also met them. Find links to our notes above and below.


One more thing: never in my life have I ever met with so any open-hearted and open-eyed people in one place and time. So many seemed so willing to let each other cross those portals to our souls. I guess it was both the nature of the place and the nature of the participants. I endeavor to live in that experience ever after.




The links below will navigate you to the various pages of the notes.

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