Reunion with Reality

New Story


The new paradigm we seek begins with a “New Story” about ourselves. The new story involves a shift in our perception of humanity. When we experience the divine spark within ourselves, then we can experience it in others.


In the new story, we realize we are not simply material beings and that material satisfaction will never suffice. Our needs are much greater. Our need is to be united with the divine inside and out. Material needs once met are the platform on which we can meet the rest of our needs: to be made whole.


It is the purpose of the mystic or spiritual teacher and the goal of spiritual disciplines that we achieve this experience. We see in the teacher the person who has this experience. We experience this unity in and as a result of the disciplines.


The new story begins with a glimpse of the unity that leads to an end of separation. It continues with the awareness that human begins are capable of approaching divinity. It culminates with the experience that all life is one and we are all integral to it.


Copyright 2017 James Phoenix

updated 9/24/2017