Reunion with Reality

Personal development


Relationship to self


Human beings are body, mind and spirit; consciousness contained in physical bodies. When we are in touch with all three aspects, we live in balance within ourselves and have the opportunity to live in balance in the natural and cultural worlds we inhabit.



Image of human being


As human beings in balance and harmony with body, mind and spirit, we realize our true nature, which is interrelated with nature and other human beings. We realize that interrelation is based on cooperation, love and union, not competition, separateness and alienation.


Unity in diversity


People have about 99% in common with other people and maybe 1% difference. Therefore, we can experience the unity among us and revel in the difference as the latter offers no threat to the former.




In order to achieve this balance between body, mind and spirit, meditation or some contemplative practice is helpful if not necessary for most people. In contemplation, body and mind are slowed down and in the physical and mental stillness we come to experience our true selves which is the spark of divinity we share with all on the ground of existence.


Accessing inner resources


This spark of divinity is the source of great resources: peace, equanimity, wisdom, love and vital energy. We all have access to these resources; it is a matter of practice and cultivation, awareness and intention.


Finding peace


Experiencing this spark of divinity brings peace, the peace that passes all understanding or intellectual process. Words cannot do it justice.


Love without an object


Experiencing this ground of existence allows us to spread our love from those closest to us, including ourselves, to all those around us and ultimately to all everywhere, so that we become love itself and our love is without object, meaning that it flows out from us in all directions. In this state, our only unmet need is the need to give.


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updated 9/24/2017