Reunion with Reality

Reality: We can live in a peaceful world. There are places in the world, like Assisi, Italy, where the peace and love are palpable. There is hope. As individuals, most of us have known peace of mind at some point in our lives. We have had moments, days or perhaps longer periods of time when we were able to shed anxieties, fears, doubts and worries; we were able to be at peace with ourselves and with others.


If I can find peace of mind for a moment, shouldn’t I be able to extend those moments. If I can figure our what internal and external forces lead to peace, can’t I work my way toward a sustainable state of peace?


And, if I can do it for myself, can’t most people?


If it is possible for one place to be relatively calm and peaceful, shouldn’t be possible everywhere? If the border between two nations can be peaceful for centuries, shouldn’t the borders between all nations be peaceful?


I’m saying it’s possible, it’s conceivable. I’m not saying it’s likely or imminent, just that it is something we can set as a goal; that collectively we can set as a goal.


It would require that we all find the peace within ourselves. We would have to learn how and actively strive to be at peace with the earth. We would all have to make sacrifices. We would have to change our conditioned thinking and our impulsive, compulsive behaviors. We would all have to learn to respect each other and allow each one to find their own peace and link our peace to theirs. We could harmonize our individual needs and desires with those of our communities.


We would have to demand less and offer more. We would have to fulfill our responsibilities as we exercise our rights. We would need to see the big picture; take off our personal blinders and experience life as a whole.


We can learn to smile, share, respect and support.


We can do this. This is the truth. This can be reality.


Copyright 2017 James Phoenix

updated 9/24/2017