Reunion with Reality


So, if humans once shared a common consciousness and then developed a consciousness of individuality, why now do we seem to be returning to the previous state? What's different this time?


Was the Age of Separation a needless failure? Is ego consciousness a useless diversion? Have we wasted the several last millennia as we seem to be wasting our habitat?


I bet we went through this experience out of some necessity. Maybe consciousness is evolving, or maybe it is humanity as a container of consciousness is evolving. As containers, we may be necessary instruments of the collective consciousness and might serve as agents of a process the intellect, or at least my intellect, cannot grasp.


In any case, I sense that we are as a species making a transition to a new era of unity. I think it is necessary for the salvation of our habitat. It may be necessary for our own salvation.

Copyright 2017 James Phoenix

updated 9/24/2017