Reunion with Reality

The Era of Separation

Some called the Age of Union the Golden Age. Hindu’s call it the Satya Yuga (the Age of Truth). The sense of unity with life may have been dominate among people then and may still exist today among some indigenous or otherwise unified people, but it has been lost, for the most part, particularly in our modern culture.


Why did it end? How could we have become so individualized and why?


Perhaps it is "The Fall" described in scripture, the loss of 'innocence', the birth of the Ego or 'self-consciousness'. It seems to have been a common experience in human history that is part of our lore.


Twenty-five years ago, a friend gave me, a copy of Julian Jayne's The Origin of Consciousness and the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind. It introduced me to the possibilities of an evolution in consciousness that ran parallel to the evolution of species.


It opened my mind, but did not unravel the mystery. It made me wonder and sent me further in my search for the meaning and fulfillment. Where that search has led me is to a contemplative practice which convinces me: I am prevented (and by inference most people) from enjoying a unified consciousness by the sense of ego or separateness that somehow sprang into the human experience some several millennia ago.


This separateness lead us to believe we are in a zero-sum game, that my life and happiness is separate of that of others. Somehow, this has seemed untrue.


Contemplation convinces me by slowing and potentially stilling the thinking process. Most thinking is ego-oriented. Most thinking is chatter. Unified and concentrated thinking is necessary, but most thoughts are out-of-sync with reality because they are ego-oriented. In contemplation, when thoughts are slowed and reduced, the ego is put to work as a useful, but subservient instrument to an awareness that resides in unity with reality, that experiences that pure awareness which is common to all life.


This is difficult to put into words and for me impossible. My attempt is to bolster your awareness that you are part of something whole and that the whole is part you.

Copyright 2017 James Phoenix

updated 9/24/2017