Reunion with Reality



Small is beautiful


The Age of Separation could also be called the Age of Wealth Accumulation. In times past, this accumulation may have offered security and even happiness in some measure, but in the current world, accumulation has become a burden for many. Young people are less interested in owning large houses and prefer to keep life simpler. This may be in response to the piles of stuff that the older generation has acquired. Of course, this has been the message of many spiritual traditions and indigenous cultures over the millennia. It doesn’t necessarily mean voluntary poverty, but is more aligned with a simplicity of lifestyle that depends more on relationships than on material goods. We own less and share more. Ownership isolates; sharing builds community. Not everyone needs her or his own drill or washing machine. Sharing means better use of resources.



Material resource scarcity


In addition to the beauty of simplicity, the reality is that material resources are running out. There isn’t enough stuff in the world for everyone to have big piles of it. While we can become more efficient in both production and recycling, if the stuff doesn’t offer real fulfillment, why bother.


Footprint reduction


The planet and its ecosystems demand that we reduce our resource-need footprints. We don’t need most of what we consume. The less we consume, the healthier our planet will be, and the happier and healthier we will be. . From carbon to water, from land to sea, we must move to demand less and give back more to the earth and its ecosystems. In so doing we are giving back to future generations,


Non-material fulfillment


Materials goods only provide a platform on which we can find real fulfillment in our relationships: to ourselves, to others, to nature and to the divine. That platform can provide security, comfort, sustenance and capabilities, but not ultimate fulfillment. That comes from a joyful and loving soul resulting from a trained mind and disciplined body.


Saving of time and energy


The simple life allows more time for relationships and personal development. We don’t need to work so hard, to spend so much time working for money in order to buy things we think we want but don’t need.


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updated 9/24/2017