Reunion with Reality

Notes from The New Story Summit  Findhorn, 2014

Frank and James Phoenix


Foundational premise: we are evolving from an era of separation to an era of reunion. A new dominant worldview is emerging based on the unity of life and the commonality of all people in nature. Underlying this New Story is the experiential reality that all life and existence, human and otherwise, are interconnected; that what impacts one impacts all. This is a new worldview only in context, not substance. Many indigenous cultures and wisdom traditions live in this reality. Now millions and millions of people in modern cultures all over the globe are set in action fueled by this understanding and experience, working to make the world a better place for all, the whole. This worldwide effort is the frame of the new context.


These notes reflect what we came away with from the Summit, which includes what we took to it. They are not an attempt to capture what was said or done or processed at the Summit (which can be witnessed online:*), but rather our appreciation of what we takeaway from it and what “New Story” looks like after the experience of the Summit.


We present two collaborative constructs: first a set of “takeaways” originally penned by Frank; and second, a set of “elements” with explication, originally penned by James. We could say that the takeaways present the view of “New Story” in big picture, and the elements present “New Story” as it looks on the ground. I, James, also offer three contemplations on my experience at the Summit.


* You will have to register at the New Story Hub. The videos should also be available on YouTube.

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updated 9/24/2017