Reunion with Reality

Takeaways from the New Story Summit


1. This Changes Everything. Our way of life is altering our habitat, hurting our planet. We need a new way of life or we lose our habitat, our paradise. This is clearer now than ever, all but impossible to deny. The New Story is a way of talking about, envisioning, creating a new way of life.


2. Looking for this new way of life, a new way of being may well be the thread that weaves together the movement of movements. One way of talking about this new way of being is New Story. New Story is a call for something new.


3. Alternatives are emerging, popping up all over, building momentum. It is useful to think of these alternatives as running on a parallel track; parallel to the track Western Civilization is currently on. These two tracks do not touch – parallel lines never touch. Our challenge is to jump track and in order to do this we need to let go of most everything we think so important, so necessary, and trust that we will land, will find footing on something new. Part of our task is to make visible the new track to show ourselves and others that there is something to jump to: there is a place to land. We are not jumping into an abyss; we are in fact going home...


4. Walk Out, Walk On: A Learning Journey into Communities Daring to Live the Future Now, by Meg Wheatley gives us examples of this, of people leaving what they know behind and going with other "walk outs" to create something new.


5. We each have a different perspective, this became very clear in my conversation with Yvette Forbes and our experiences of Charles’ actions during the chaos. She saw it knowing Ana’s perspective as a facilitator; I saw it knowing Charles’. Same event, two completely different interpretations, I see my interpretations and think they are reality. They are not and this is very clear to me now.


6. There is no one way. I have been searching for the way that brings all ways together, the headwaters way. Generally speaking we all think our way is the way. I now see there is no one way. I now see that my way is my way, a contribution from my perspective, and that it does not have to be the way. What a relief.


7. Chaos is part of the process. We are to expect it. As we jump track, as our Western train stops and we walk on, we will ‘not know’. We do ‘not know’. There will be a time of chaos. There will be many reactions to the chaos.  A role for some of us will be to sit with the chaos, hold space for the chaos, allow it to be and allow what wants to emerge emerge; to give our attention to the chaos and to hold intention for self-organizing to emerge.


8. My experience at NSS was different than at any other conference or workshop, and I have attended a lot of workshops. At NSS I was able to just be present. I went with no expectations, I was not looking to get something and as a result I was able to just be, without judgment or anxiousness about what was next. And as a result the experience went very deep and I am recognizing the power of participating at a gathering in this way.  The takeaways are just now emerging and I am in no hurry to bring them forth. I am confident that what I got is inside me and bringing them forth is not as important as just allowing them to be and emerge when the time is right. I like: “take it in, allow it to be, and let it come out when the time is right.” No need to do anything but be present and trust.


9. I am leaning into the subtle worlds. In one of the rituals I threw all doubt about the subtle worlds into the fire. The subtle worlds exist and they are available to us, ready to serve this realm. And they want our help in their realm too. Like us the subtle realms long to be of service.


10. Young people were called at NSS youngers. Elders and youngers. Elders bear witness and youngers do. Youngers long to be seen in ways that Western culture typically does not see. Youngers long for affirmation, encouragement, and an occasional (I emphasize occasional) bit of wisdom. Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain and let the work of transition flourish: youngers have at it.


11. The new way will be expressed in ART. The new story will spread through ART. Art is emergent, creative and has tremendous appeal especially in joint, spontaneous performance-based pieces where artists come together to share their talents and allow the universe to express itself through them.


12. The transition will happen across. It will not scale up; it will scale across. From one community to another, each freely sharing what they have discovered, each taking from the other and localizing it, sharing horizontally, then deepening vertically at the local level. It is at the local level that values, principles and innovations find root and unique ways of expression. This is scale across.


13. A crack in our Western frame of reference is here: small perhaps, unseen by most, but there none the less. On the other side the view is very different. The crack is calling for our attention and it is our attention that will crack the crack some more. The crack wants to crack. It is like an eggshell, first we need to discover the shell is there and then that there is something inside. Give attention to the crack; call for attention to the crack. OM.


14. Those working within existing institutions, institutions that are stuck, play out institutional roles fighting for survival. The roles are archetypal in nature: unconsciously consuming, playing themselves out through the willing and unwilling on the inside. This is what institutions do and how we operate within them. Until that is, we walk out and walk on...


15. We have the power, not the institutions. The institutions derive their power from us, the majority. It is up to us to see this: see who has the power and take responsibility for it. The power is with the people always.


16. New ways of coming together, of gathering in a collective are emerging. New technologies like the YES JAMS, the Way of Council, and Circle Presencing are emerging. The old conference style format will not work so we lean into new ways of gathering and feel our way. And each time we do, it gets easier.


17. We are walkers; humans walk. We have walked for millions of years, walked barefoot and connected to the earth in ways we can only imagine. When things weren't working we walked, we moved on. We are at such a time, a time to walk out and walk on. And look for others doing the same.


18. Before language there was communion. With language communication emerged and for many of us communion took a back seat. It has atrophied, still there but weak. It is time to bring it back! Not at the expense of communication but as the stage upon which communication builds.


Copyright 2017 James Phoenix

updated 9/24/2017