Reunion with Reality

The Road to Separation

At what point did humanity step out of sync? When did our evolutionary path overstep nature? When did we loose touch with reality?


One answer to these questions might involve the crossroads in our collective consciousness where we in the modern world turned down the road of separation. At that point, we separated ourselves from nature and each other in our minds.


But in reality, we have never been separate from nature: here we are! And, we have never been separate from each other: here we all are!


Living in this world of separation, some found it reasonable to exploit nature, including other humans, for their personal benefit. This is the result of living in unreality. Its fruit is a filthy, crowded, cruel and dying habitat.


It is my proposition that only by re-syncing ourselves with nature and each other will we change our course from mutual destruction to rehabilitation of our habitat. We are at another crossroads: one road continuing down the path of unreality, of separation, to a destination of misery; the other leading back to reality: 'the unity of life': unity with nature, the unity of humanity.


This is the crux of our dilemma: we believe we are separate, physical beings.


This is the reality: we are more than that: we are a spiritual being in physical bodies; we are one being expressing itself as many.


We can change how we express ourselves.


We can reunite with reality. We can 'wake up'.


Copyright 2017 James Phoenix

updated 9/24/2017