Reunion with Reality

Universal Respect


If we are all vessels of divine sparks then we all deserve respect, even those whose actions are not divine! Our actions are not divine when we lose awareness that as human beings, we contain at our core divine sparks.


Nonviolence is the power that rises when we become aware that we have within us that which is divine.


Global respect will be made possible when a significant number of global citizens recondition their minds to experience and respect reality.


Each morning, Komang greeted us with a smile, wearing colorful, traditional Balinese clothing, including a headdress called a Udeng that wraps around the head. It is a symbol of mind control. He also wore a Kemben, a long cloth that wraps around the waist and covers the legs to the toes. Also around the waist, over the Kemben, is wrapped a Senteng and a Kencrik, loincloth bindings that are symbols of control of the passions.


Each morning, we greeted Komang with smiles, as they are contagious, but dressed as tourists. Komang took us to visit many temples including Pura Puseh. At each we stopped at the entrance to put on a Kemben as a gesture of respect.



Photos by Joy Phoenix

Playing Xylophones with Komang at Pura Puseh

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updated 9/24/2017