Reunion with Reality

Get up! Wake up!

It is as if we are dreaming. For many it is a lot like a nightmare. Some are simply numb. For others, a few others, it's too good to be true.


For all of us, it's time to wake up!


The dream: we are material, physical, separate beings. The manifestation of this dream is life based on competition and survival of the fittest; which leads to accumulation of wealth in the hands of a few and scarcity of resources for most; which in turn leads to violence among peoples and destruction of our habitat.


Among those who dream, there are some for whom the dream is one of privilege and ample resources. For many, the dream is one of disadvantage and scarcity.


For both sets of dreamers, it is a dream of separation, a dream that does not realize the unity of life.


Some people are not caught in this dream; they are awake. They have experienced the reality that people are interconnected on the fundamental ground of existence, in the depths of our consciousness. They know we are essentially one.


Those who are awakened, whether they have been or have become so, realize this unity. They know experientially that all life is interconnected at the core and that we all are in the same boat, or maybe, that we all are the boat.


This website is an exploration into the process by which humanity can wake from this dream of separateness and realize the unity of life.


History, even prehistory, perhaps especially prehistory, is replete with people who have lived in this realization. Modern civilization, especially Western civilization, has slipped deeper and deeper into the dream of separateness which has taken us on a course to  societal and environmental 'collapse'.


The goal of this exploration is to facilitate and maybe accelerate the end of this dream of separation and a reunion with reality.


I will be posting essays and links to other resources, so please check back from time to time.


I have currently been thinking about the dysfunction in the American voting system and the need for political reform. You can find some of my ideas here.


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updated 9/24/2017