I greet you as one soul greets another.


My goal is to walk a path that leads to a more unified, peaceful, healthy and just world full of grace, empathy, community and service. A world that lives the New Story of humanity.

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My hope is that together we can change the trajectory of human experience. Modern humanity has progressed in some ways from its roots in prehistory, but in many ways it has lost touch with basic reality. We have improved our way of life in some respects and gained a scientific understanding of material processes, but at the same time, we have lost connection with our mother planet, with the divine and with each other.

We cannot go back in time, but we can learn lessons from the past. We can revitalize and reintegrate the timeless wisdom bequeathed to us by indigenous cultures and spiritual traditions. If we hope to go in a different direction, to remake human experience anew, we ought to be honest and realistic about our current context and renew this wisdom for the new era of humanity in the offing.

The present context is global in scope and local in process. In the present, we face natural and social calamity resulting from humanity's excesses in growth, consumption and neglect. Only by a change in our collective consciousness, a change in the dominant worldview, and by creating a 'New Story' of who we are as human beings, can we redirect our course.

We constantly stand on a threshold between past and future and each present moment is an inflexion point; each moment presents a choice. What is real only exists in the present, so what we do now is all we do.

In aggregate, modern humanity lives in delusion. We live as if we are separate, material beings fending for ourselves for limited resources. We live in a cloud of unreality.

In reality, we are united in life. We are facets of one divine being, living in a finite, material world with access to infinite resources when we live and work for each other in community.

Throughout our existence as a species, many humans and communities have lived in this way and many still do. Enlightened people have kept the flame of reality burning.

At this turn in history's trajectory, our challenge and opportunity is to rediscover this flame of reality as a global community. If we can do this, we can preserve our habitat from the ravages of past and current human behavior, and set a course on which we can all thrive.

This I call Reunion with Reality.



This website is a forum for me, James Phoenix, to express my enthusiasm for New Story, a worldview based on timeless wisdom crafted for the the dire needs of the current era in order to preserve the possibility that there may be eras in future for humans to habituate.