Headwaters Philanthropy

Headwaters Philanthropy

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Headwaters Philanthropy is an inquiry

The name 'Headwaters' plays on the phrase 'working upstream'. Working upstream is a strategy in philanthropy the aim of which is to work on the source of a problem. Our inquiry at present is focused on two questions: “Is there one primary something that we can identify and point to as the source of our problems?” And if the answer is yes, “Is there a way to work on the source and positively affect our problems?” Our inquiry thus far has given rise to The Headwaters Project.

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The Headwaters Project at the Fenwick Foundation supports organizations working to change Western culture; we call it working at the headwaters, working to change the cultural beliefs, myths and habits that justify and perpetuate division, exploitation and inequality. Our goal is to contribute to the evolution of consciousness and culture, to a shift in our personal and collective identity so that we realize and embody the Truth that we are One, that we are all one human family, the five-fingered ones, and that all children are our children, that all children of all ages everywhere are sacred expressions of the divine, and are ours to nourish and love.